Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Testimonials from Free Live Chat User

Blair from Portland writes...

I’m a snowboarder and it’s all I think about. My bud and I even took a road trip to Mt. Hood in Oregon this summer so we could say we got to snowboard in July. Dig that! Man, it was so cool!!! Well, except for wiping-out on ice and looking like you had road rash for the next month! OUCH! Anyway, I’m always looking to hook-up with a boarder so I checked out free chat. It was so easy to get in. I listened to the various peeps that left voice messages and found this girl on free chat who lives near me that is totally into snowboards. We went to a big 'used and new' swap meet last weekend and really seemed to hit it off. We have all these plans to go snowboarding this winter around here. I found her voice message about the fourth ad I listened to. It was an easy way to match-up with someone into the same things as me. I told my pal and he agreed. And get this; he matched up with a woman who lives about 5 miles from here. So close yet how could he have found her? Party lines actually work.